Changing upload limits in PHP and nginx

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Sometimes when I install a new web server with nginx and php-fpm I run into the problem where my file upload limit is set to 2 MB or less. This post is to remind me of all the settings that need to be changed to allow uploading files larger than 2 MB. In PHP there […]

Making Puppet Enterprise 3.7 work with IPv6

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If you’re running Puppet in a dual stack or IPv6-only environment and tried to install or upgrade to 3.7, you’ll have noticed that some things are a bit broken. To begin with, the new web-based installer doesn’t listen on IPv6, making it impossible to use in an IPv6-only environment. If you get past that, you’ll […]

Matching autonomous system numbers in iptables

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Not long ago I was given the task of blocking Facebook on certain days of the week in a small office. The firewall in use was a Linux firewall using iptables. Simple, right? This is easy enough to do: First, find all of Facebook’s IP address ranges. Then write an iptables rule for each one. […]

One-man ISP for a week: Overview

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This is the first in a series of articles describing one possible setup of temporary Wi-Fi service for users at a remote location where more conventional means of Internet access are unreliable or unavailable. Every year in June I go camping in northern New Hampshire with 1,000 or more of my closest friends. Unfortunately for […]