How to use a custom variable for the scheme in a rewrite rule in nginx

dustyburwell asked:

Is there a way to get nginx to treat a custom variable the same as it treats the $scheme in a rewrite rule? For instance:

rewrite ^/redirect;
# and
rewrite ^/redirect_with_scheme $scheme://;

will both result in a 302 redirect being sent to the client. However, this:

set $real_scheme $scheme;
rewrite ^/redirect_with_real_scheme $real_scheme://;

will result in a server side rewrite to a file that doesn’t necessarily exist and then a 404 to the client. For what it’s worth, this:

set $real_scheme $scheme;
rewrite ^/redirect_with_real_scheme $real_scheme:// redirect;

will give the desired result of sending a 302 to the client. Unfortunately, I have a lot of redirects set up this way and I would rather not update all of them with the redirect directive if it’s not necessary.

If it’s helpful, I’m using Nginx 1.6.2.

My answer:

The documentation states:

If a replacement string starts with “http://”, “https://”, or “$scheme”, the processing stops and the redirect is returned to a client.

If you start the URL with some other variable, you will need to express the intention to redirect explicitly.

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