What does "ip4 default" mean in NetworkManager nmcli output?

DrKumar asked:

My output of nmcli on my machine is as follows:

enp129s0f0: connected to enp129s0f0
        "Intel 82599ES SFI/SFP+"
        ethernet (ixgbe), 00:AB:50:C6:C4:D0, hw, mtu 1500
        ip4 default

enp5s0f0: connected to enp5s0f0
        "Intel I350"
        ethernet (igb), 00:AB:50:C4:4C:1E, hw, mtu 1500

What does the ip4 default portion of it mean? Why does it only exist on one interface?

My answer:

This means you have chosen to have NetworkManager configure IPv4 on the connection automatically, rather than manually. For IPv4 it will use DHCP, and for IPv6 it will follow whatever is in the router advertisements.

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