How to control the connection while uploading to AWS S3?

Androboy asked:

Is there a way to control the connection while uploading from my servers to the AWS Storage? to be clear, Azcopy is so powerful to upload to AWS, so most of our bandwidth consumed and this is affecting our DataCenter !! So is there a command to let Azcopy limit the connection for every transfer (max 100M speed for every server ), so if I have 3 servers, the consumed bandwidth must be 300M only from the total speed (1000M).

My answer:

The documentation for azcopy shows that it can limit its own bandwidth usage:

–cap-mbps float Caps the transfer rate, in megabits per second. Moment-by-moment throughput might vary slightly from the cap. If this option is set to zero, or it is omitted, the throughput isn’t capped.

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