Arch Linux – QEMU override System Manufacturer on Windows 10

Matheus Simon asked:

I’ve fully virtualized a VM with windows 10 on QEMU and had to do host-passthrough in order for it to work.

Because there’s no way to set SMBIOS to reflect the host, I want to know if there’s any way to change the System Manufacturer key in my guest OS.

My answer:

It’s very easy to supply any SMBIOS information you like by adding it to your libvirt XML definition.

Here I have added a bunch of fake information:

  <sysinfo type="smbios">
      <entry name="vendor">Fake BIOS Vendor</entry>
      <entry name="version">Fake BIOS Version</entry>
      <entry name="manufacturer">Fake Manufacturer</entry>
      <entry name="product">Fake Product</entry>
  <!-- other XML nodes -->
    <!-- other XML nodes -->
    <smbios mode="sysinfo"/>

The result of which is:

Windows 10 Insider msinfo32

Many items other than those shown above can be changed; see the documentation for complete details.

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