URL redirection and TCP proxy in haproxy

Albert asked:

In a server with only one ipv4 and running haproxy, i want to redirect an url and proxy another in TCP level, for ssl passthrough purpose.

frontend https-frontend
  bind *:443
  mode tcp
  option tcplog
  tcp-request inspect-delay 5s
  tcp-request content accept if { req_ssl_hello_type 1 }
  use_backend proxy-backend if { req.ssl_sni -i proxied-url.com }
  redirect prefix https://url-rewrited.com code 301 if  { req.ssl_sni -i domain-for-redirect.com }

But redirect prefix requires http mode, and proxy passthrough requires tcp mode.

[WARNING] 347/153600 (1324) : config : 'redirect' rules ignored for frontend 'https-frontend' as they require HTTP mode.

If I use two frontends binding in 443, errors occur when loading pages.

How can I proceed?

My answer:

You can’t combine layer 4 proxying with HTTP redirection. You will need to do the redirects in your backend web server(s).

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