How to move domain to new host?

Artur Müller Romanov asked:

I am very new to working with domains. Yesterday I set up a domain for my company. I used the service Now I’ve read VERY bad customer reviews of this service and am afraid that I made a mistake. Unfortunately I already set up the domain I want for personalized email addresses and email forwarding.

Will I be able to move my domain to another host/service or is it bound to

My answer:

You may be unable to transfer the domain to another registrar within 60 days after initial registration, change of contact information, or transfer. This ICANN FAQ explains the rules regarding domain transfers.

You can, however, move your web site, email and DNS services at any time. If you plan to transfer the domain, and you have other services at this registrar that you want to move, you should consider moving these and having them already at a new host before you try to transfer the domain name.

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