How to install and detect raid controller in latest Ubuntu (20+) on HP Proliant 360 Gen6

Blaze asked:

I recently purchased a set of 6 HP rack servers off of ebay for what seemed liked a fairly good deal. The gen6 servers were launched by HP in 2009. I am able to install and properly detect the HP Smart Array 410 Raid Controller that the servers drives are plugged into with 14.04, but having troubles with later versions of Ubuntu (does not detect block device).

Unfortunately, Ubuntu 14.04 has reached EOL so I’d like to get something more modern onto the servers.

Any suggestions? Are there any communities on the web where I might find technical folks trying to do something similar?

My answer:

You need to download the Ubuntu Server installation image to install Ubuntu to an HP Smart Array controller. This image contains the necessary hpsa driver, but the regular live image, intended for desktops, does not.

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