Memory Ballooning with Linux/Unix

Abdullah Manzoor asked:

I need help to reclaim the Ballooned Memory in Linux/Unix Machine. Please help me out. I got some solution but those are not feasible for me on the production server.

I just need to know how can I reclaim the Balloon memory without rebooting or move the machine to other host.

Thanks in Advance

My answer:

You can set the sched.mem.maxmemctl parameter for the VM to specify the maximum amount of memory (in megabytes) that can be reclaimed from the guest via memory ballooning. This can also be set to 0 to disable ballooning entirely for the guest.

Note that if ballooning is taking place, your host most likely needs more physical memory to be installed. Ballooning lets ESXi take "unused" memory from guests and use it for other guests, but modern OSes really don’t have "unused" memory anymore, as anything they do have gets used for e.g. storage caching. So the guest performance can be reduced when this memory is taken away.

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