How to deal with rDNS when my DNS is hosted by a third party that doesn't support PTR records?

MJHd asked:

I have NameCheap DNS for my DNS hosting and a fully unmanaged VPS server that it points to for all my domains.

I’m going through and making sure everything is right and optimized, but my reverse DNS shows server.myhost.tld for some reason (I was using this subdomain before, but all memory of it should be deleted now) and a DNS scan reveals no PTR record exists (which is true). I have mailcow setup on this server, and it is fully deliverable both ways with my current DNS config, as is :80 & :443 to my webserver (all correctly addressed to domain.tld not server.domain.tld).

I have installed Bind, but I’m confused about how to proceed, can I setup a local zone for my PTR record, and not affect my hosted DNS – can a domain have multiple zones in this way? I have used local DNS, but for intranet purposes and not combined with hosted DNS also. How does this situation normally work?

My answer:

PTR records are not set by your DNS provider, but by the owner of the IP addresses. You need to contact the IP address owner to find out how to set PTR records.

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