Running clamscan with the file list function

NoNo asked:

I am trying to schedule some tasks using ClamAV but it cannot find the find the file that contains the directories I want it to scan.

  *Using sudo doesn’t work.
  *The files are set with permissions 644.
  *Files are visible in command line as white.

My goal is to use these lists so that different folders of the server can be scanned during low usage times. I am running this on CentOS 7.

#clamscan -r -i –file-list=/home/web_folders.txt --log=/var/log/clamav/clamscan_web.log

–file-list=/home/web_folders.txt: No such file or directory
WARNING: –file-list=/home/web_folders.txt: Can't access file

My answer:

You copied and pasted a Unicode character that looks like a hyphen, but is not actually.

The character you pasted was , which an en dash.

The actual character you should be using is -, which is a plain hyphen as it appears on your keyboard. In this case you should have two of them, i.e. --file-list=...

This is an error in whatever tutorial you were reading. Some content management systems change hyphens into Unicode dashes if they aren’t properly escaped in that CMS’s editor.

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