Where to find source code change of Redhat Product

Chu Ha Khanh asked:

Regarding to the GPLv3, Redhat product need to inform what they changes from the open source. I want to find that changes. Do you know where they put this information ?

My answer:

You can log in to your Red Hat account and download the SRPM (source code RPM) package for any package for which you have a valid subscription. These contain the original source code for the software and all of the patches Red Hat applied to it.

Click on Downloads, then choose the product you want to obtain source code for, then click Packages to download the source for a single package, or Source to obtain the Source DVD corresponding to the installation DVD.

For example, here I will obtain the source package for bash in RHEL 7.8.

  1. Click on Downloads, and the product list appears.

    RHEL Downloads

  2. Click on Versions 7 and below, and then select version 7.8 in the drop-down.

    RHEL 7.8 Downloads

  3. Click on Packages, and then type bash into the search box.

    RHEL package search for bash

  4. Click on bash, then scroll down to find the Source Package, and click Download Now.

    RHEL packages for bash

People without an active subscription have a couple of options:

  1. You can look around Red Hat’s FTP server (or via https) to locate an SRPM of interest, though the directory structure is not well documented and therefore it may be hard to find a specific package.

  2. Red Hat also publishes its source to git.centos.org where people can download package source changes and RPM specs via git.

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