Android Studio on Google Cloud Platform (Windows): Error can't run on a VM

Joshua asked:

My goal is to use Android Studio with the Test Function on a Google Cloud VM (Windows), so that I can always use it remote.

My Problem is, that when I start the emulation of a Smartphone in Android Studio, I get the Error that I can`t run the emulation in a VM. I now that there is a trick to do this in VMBox, so that you fool the System that it is a physically machine and not a VM (you do some changes in the Registry).
Can someone tell me if there is a solution?

And it is not a Problem for me to set up a new VM if there is only a solution on an older Windows Version.

My answer:

In order to run virtual machines in a Google Cloud virtual machine itself, you must have nested virtualization enabled for that virtual machine instance.

Note that you can only use a Linux instance for this, and you will need to create a new instance. So you will need to install Android Studio on Linux.

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