Docker installation on Rhel old versions and file system requirement

King David asked:

We have old RHEL machine version 7.2

And we prepare to install docker service on this server

The problem is that server created with ftype=0 and docker required ftype=0

One option of course is to format the disk with mkfs and create new file system with ftype=1

But we want to stay with the original OS and not format the disk

Second option is to perform the step as defined in the post –

But this steps are risky and required server to be down

We are searching for third alternative in order to implement the docker installation on rhel version 7.2 in spite ftype=0

Interesting direction could be for example by adding a new disk to the server and create XFS file system, with ftype=1 , but we are not sure how to defined the docker installation on the additional disk ( because this disk is actually without OS )

We will happy to get any other ideas out of the box

My answer:

You can just create a new XFS filesystem on your new disk and mount it at /var/lib/docker. Then you do not need to make any changes to the Docker configuration, as that is the default directory for Docker volumes, images, containers, etc.

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