CentOS 6.0 only shows loopback address with ifconfig

nakiya asked:

I am trying to figure out whether a performance problem we are having with one of our processes is OS related. I installed CentOS 6.0 on a server which previously had CentOS 6.5 installed. Now when I do ifconfig -a it only shows the loopback address. There are two network cards on the server. And they did show up in the previous version. Any ideas?

EDIT: Adding dmesg and lspci outputs:


enter image description here

My answer:

The necessary driver tg3 doesn’t appear to have been present in RHEL/CentOS 6.0. The first release in which it documented as present is 6.1. And the current 6.x version at the time of your post was 6.5. Update your system.

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