KVM live migration for non shared lvm storage

Ash asked:

I am trying to live migrate my KVM based VM from one host to another for non shared storage using virsh migrate. I have set both the hostnames at /etc/hosts on each of the host. Also I have set passwordless SSH between the hosts. Still i am not able to live migrate my VM.

Steps I followed:

  1. Created a vm on host1 with a lv
  2. Created a dummy lv on host2
  3. symlink the host2 lv with host1 vm disk
  4. executed command: virsh migrate --live --persistent --verbose --copy-storage-all --dname test_1 --desturi qemu+ssh://[email protected]/system v1007

I get error:

error: internal error: cannot precreate storage for disk type ‘block’

Can anyone help to sort this issue? Is anything that I might be missing out?
Thank you

My answer:

This sounds like a known bug in early versions of qemu.

I don’t think this bug was ever fixed in the ancient version of qemu-kvm shipped with base CentoS 7.

However, AFAIK it is fixed in the CentOS Virt SIG’s release of qemu-kvm-ev, which is much newer, and tracks the source code for the enterprise Red Hat Virtualization product. I use this on some CentOS 7 hypervisors and live migration works well.

You can update to the Virt SIG builds by simply enabling their repo and then updating your system:

yum install centos-release-qemu-ev
yum distro-sync

After this update you should reboot the computer to ensure that everything is started with the new packages.

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