Unable to connect to port 8000 on Azure

Unloading Gnat asked:


I am using a virtual machine with the Ubuntu image. I tried to run my server on Django with this command
python manage.py runserver

When I search <public ip>:8000 it fails to load.

Inbound Port rules

Port Rules


I used this tutorial for my firewall: https://youtu.be/Sa_kQheCnds?list=PL-osiE80TeTtoQCKZ03TU5fNfx2UY6U4p&t=1632

My answer:

You have only allowed incoming traffic to port 8000 from a single IP address. It looks like you put your Azure VM’s IP address in as the source. So only the VM can access itself on port 8080.

You need to be loading the web app from that IP address, or change the IP address to your actual IP address, or allow any source.

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