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kraus christopher asked:

So my website is being mirrored by another domain name, I tried many ways to block the access from that specific domain but no hope, I am using cloudflare CDN and the website mirroring my site using it too, I tried to get the remote address of the origin but it keeps randomly changing IPs (this method I found it here, basically get the remote address and block it using htaccess roles).
tried the http refer method and it didn’t work too.

is there any method that could help ?

My answer:

First, turn on "I’m Under Attack" in your CloudFlare settings. This will stop most bots that impersonate user agents well enough to get by normal checks.

Second, if you know specifically which requests correspond to the agent which is copying your site, you can do things like analyze its User-Agent and other HTTP headers to see if there is anything unusual about them that you might use to block those requests, even if they change IP addresses.

If that proves too difficult or not feasible, then you might also consider enabling mod_security, which blocks a lot of malicious traffic, and may also block that specific scraper.

Once you’ve found something that successfully blocks the bot, you should make sure that I’m Under Attack is turned back off, as it does slightly inconvenience your legitimate visitors also.

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