Wrong propagation of MX record

SoftTimur asked:

We have set a MX record in our DNS records as follows:

Type: MX
TTL: 1800
Name: @
Priority: 10
Hostname: webmail.ourdomain.fr

However, when we check the propagation by for example https://www.whatsmydns.net/#MX/ourdomain.fr, we see that the hostname is mail.ourdomain.fr.ourdomain.fr.

Does anyone know what may be the problem?

PS: we have also 3 A records as follows, is it the reason of confusion?

mail    A   1800    5.100.152.xxx
webmail A   1800    5.100.152.xxx
webmail.ourdomain.fr    A   1800    5.100.152.xxx

My answer:

Looks like you forgot the full stop at the end of the hostname.

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