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MrWaffelXD asked:

On my Centos7 Server I have different shells for my users.

For example the terminal as root looks like:

[[email protected] www]#.

The terminal as a different user looks like bash-4.2$.

If I type echo $0 to get the currently used shell I get /bin/bash on my different user and -bash on my root.

Do I have to configure the shell for my different user to make it looks like the shell for my root?

Is there a way to use the shell used in Debian (bash) to see the full path of my location? ([email protected]:/var/www# instead of [email protected] www).

Thanks for your help.

My answer:

It sounds like your user is missing the skeleton files, the default .bashrc, .bash_profile etc. which are normally copied into a user’s home directory from /etc/skel when a user is created. You can copy these files yourself if they are missing or corrupted.

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