How to stop a running shell script if it executes some dangerous operations?

milkice asked:

I mean, how to dynamically stop a running shell script based on what operation it’s doing. Because some dangerous commands such as rm, if using regex before running, some edge situations may escape, like

$name rm

will still remove

So is there a way to detect what the next command is of a running script and stop it if matches.

Maybe complex regex can do this before running, but I want to know if there is a nice solution with running scripts.

My answer:

You can quote the variable in double quotes. If the variable is empty, bash will throw an error:

"$name" rm

results in:

bash: : command not found

If the variable has content, then it will be treated as you would expect:

"$name" rm

gives the output on screen:


because it runs "echo" rm

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