How do you search all Redhat repos for a package

kainaw asked:

I have RHEL7. How do I search ALL repositories (including those I’m not subscribed to with subscription-manager) for any and all packaged with "dav_svn" in the name?

I am required to use RHEL7 for this project. I must have SimpleSAMLPHP installed, which required PHP 5.6+. RHEL7 comes with PHP 5.4. So, to upgrade it, I used the subscription repos to install PHP73. That required removing HTTPD and installing HTTPD24. Another requirement: Subversion must be installed. Subversion required mod_dav_svn. I believe that mod24_dav_svn is required when using HTTPD24. However, I cannot find that package in any repository. There are so many to look through. That is the reason that I want to knwo how to search all the repositories at once – especially onces I did not subscribe to.

My answer:

You can temporarily enable all repos to perform a search, for example:

yum --enablerepo=\* search dav_svn 

Though sometimes a repo may not be available to you, either because your subscription doesn’t allow for it, or it’s offline, or whatever other reason. You can temporarily disable such repos and retry:

yum --enablerepo=\* --disablerepo=rhel-7-server-failing-repo search dav_svn

(If there are multiple repos to disable, use a comma separated list.)

This may take a long time to run at first while all the metadata for all the repos is synced.

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