Reverse DNS PTR record

AndrewL64 asked:

I have a dedicated server (Ubuntu 18.04 with virtualmin & webmin) which is hosting 7 WordPress sites on it. I have set up MX, DMARC, SPF and DKIM records for each one of them but dns tests online kept mentioning that I need to set up PTR records for reverse DNS too if I want to send/receive emails. (The other records passed successfully).

On googling about PTR records, I understood that I need to request my host to provide me with an ipv6 address which he did and gave me a link to set it up.

The link took me to a page with a single input field, a submit button and a one-line explanation that says:

Edit reverse DNS entry for XXXX:feXX:XXX:XaX::fXe:fXXd

What exactly should I add and submit here? The reverse IP address of my server followed by or something else? And what should I add in my domain registrar’s record after?

My answer:

A PTR record contains the hostname corresponding to the given IP address. Therefore you enter in your fully qualified domain name. You must also append a dot to it, though your provider’s control panel might do this for you.

So it should look something like:

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