How Akamai CDN serves the content from closes edge server to user ?a

user3198603 asked:

After going through some resources on google, got the idea how Akamai CDN edge servers works but got some questions about internals.

  1. Say I have got static content cached at Akamai CDN(XXX.XX.XXX.XXX say in seattle) for my site . Here at some Akamai interface I will route the call to my origin web server ip
    and ask Akamai to cache the static content.
  2. Now Whenever I type in browser(for any resource be it static or dynamic), call will go to DNS server to resolve the IP for domain .
  3. DNS server will provide the IP address of configured Akamai Edge server(say XXX.XX.XXX.XXX which is hard coded in point 1) . My question is
    How I will ensure DNS server provide the edge server closest to user ? Will it always provide XXX.XX.XXX.XXX which is Seattle IP irrespective user is
    trying to access the site from China or India ?

My answer:

The only thing you do is set up your DNS records to Akamai’s specifications. You only put in the address and CNAME records that they give you. Akamai will handle the task of determining which edge router is closest to any particular user.

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