How can I cron Let's Encrypt certificate renewal?

Christos Hayward asked:

At present, letsencrypt-auto, when run from the command line with e.g. -d -d for arguments, requests interactively whether I want HTTP requests forcibly redirected to HTTPS.

How can I cron this? Can I run it < input.txt or some form of yes 2 |? Or does letsencrypt-auto act differently when it’s not attached to a tty?


My answer:

First, update to the latest version of certbot. If you are still calling letsencrypt-auto then you likely have a very old version that will stop working sooner or later.

All you need to do to renew is call certbot-auto renew or certbot renew. Each cert you have obtained already has its own configuration file stored in /etc/letsencrypt and doesn’t need options explicitly specified again.

Ideally you should be using a certbot package provided by your Linux distribution. In addition to remaining up to date, these include a systemd timer which you can enable to have the renewal job run automatically.

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