redis-server service:cannot open PID file var/ru

Jobayer Shajal asked:

I am new in server work,i have installed redis on ubuntu 18.04 server,Then i run this command if re`enter dis is active

sudo systemctl status redis

then it says,redis-server service:cannot open PID file var/ru
sysytemd1:started Advanced key value
line 1-15

Now my console is not taking any normal command,it just says log file:…
enter image description here

My answer:

Your system has configured systemctl to send output through the less pager. You can just press q to exit and return to your terminal session.

You can prevent this behavior by using the --no-pager command line option, or permanently by setting the SYSTEMD_PAGER environment variable to the empty string. For example, you might place this in your .bashrc file:


You are not having a problem with redis and can ignore the message about a missing PID file.

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