Enable IPv6 on OVH VPS running Arch

MatTheCat asked:

Having inaugurated my new OVH’s VPS SSD 1 I am greeted by a notification reading

Your instance is now linked to a free IPv6 in addition to the default IPv4.

Indeed I can see a “IPv6” and a “Gateway” fields.

Problem is: I can’t ping it using this IPv6. I read OVH documentation on the subject but didn’t see anything related to systemd-networkd; and I’m pretty sure it’s what’s being used.

I tried to edit the default /etc/systemd/network/eth0-dhcp.conf like this:



Address=“IPv6” field
Gateway=“Gateway” field


No luck.

How can I configure my VPS to make it accessible using IPv6?

My answer:

The only obvious problem I see with your network config is:


This should instead be:


You are obtaining an IPv4 address with DHCP but configuring IPv6 manually. Thus you only want to enable DHCP on IPv4.

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