Should I install RHEL8 or RHEL7?

Cracker asked:

I’ve installed RHEL8 and I’m having some problems with it. There is no Epel-release for RHEL8 and when you install EPEL-7, your package manager becomes broken. I was wondering if RHEL7 is still alive? Is RHEL7 still alive? if so, should I install RHEL7 first then, I wait for people to release RHEL 8 packages?

My answer:

There is an epel-release for RHEL 8, which you can install now. But there are very few packages right now, as EPEL is having to be rearchitected significantly for RHEL’s new AppStream packaging system. The last I saw on the mailing list is they expected to have most everything done by November 2019.

If your application depends on EPEL packages, you should stay on RHEL 7 for now. It is very much alive; RHEL 7.7 was just released last week, and it still has several years of support lifetime ahead.

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