Configure Exim to work with IPv6 and G Suite

Tom asked:

I am planning to enable IPv6 on some servers that use Exim only to send emails.
Do I need to do any special configuration in Exim when enabling IPv6?

This concern came after a user of a VPS service reported the following:

The ipv6 activation alters the name of the server.

This invalidates MX records with the server name

Another question I have doubts. I use G Suite to manage my domain emails, especially for receiving emails.
Since I use Exim to send emails from the server my domain points to, do I need to configure anything for using G Suite to receive / send emails?

My answer:

You need to make sure your IPv6 address has a PTR record. The same as with IPv4, Google will reject unauthenticated mail coming from IPv6 addresses with no PTR record.

The quote you gave from “a user of a VPS service” doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense here. Perhaps he made the mistake of naming his server with the naked domain name. This should never be done with a server that sends/receives mail, but doesn’t handle mail for the domain, as some mail will then get lost. That is, the server’s configured hostname should be, but never alone.

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