Debian 10 has removed command dpkg-reconfigure by default. What do I do instead of dpkg-reconfigure locales?

fullmooninu asked:

Debian10 seems to have removed the commands poweroff, reboot and dpkg-reconfigure, probably among others. What do I do instead of dpkg-reconfigure locales?

As a side note, I read the release notes and I think it’s ridiculous this stuff isn’t screamed at you when you read them.

# dpkg-reconfigure
bash: dpkg-reconfigure: command not found

edit: I am already aware I can get the dpkg-configure bin by installing a package: debconf. This package was not installed by default. This normally indicates deprecation.

My answer:

Debian 10 has not removed dpkg-reconfigure at all. It is present and part of the debconf package, which should have already been installed on your system. If it is missing from your system, then you need to install (or reinstall) the debconf package.

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