Rsyslog running on RHEL unable to forward messages – rsyslogd: action 'action 8' suspended

Raj asked:

I’m trying to configure an rsyslog agent which will forward the log messages to a centralized server. However, I get the following error. The link provided in the error message does not specify the root cause of the error.

rsyslogd: action 'action 8' suspended, next retry is Wed Jan 16 2:52:17 2019 [v8.24.0-34.el7 try ]

My answer:

Your rsyslog configuration specifies to log to a file or device that does not exist and cannot be created. Did you make a typo when you edited your configuration?

You can find out which path is being referred to with a command like:

[[email protected] ~]# rsyslogd -dn 2>/dev/null | grep "ACTION 8"

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