What will happen to a running process if I change its systemd service unit?

Erica993 asked:

I have a systemd service unit that starts a python server application.

The systemd service unit is already in a running state on the system.

I need to change some directives in the systemd service unit without affecting the running processes that this service spawned. I want to do these changes so that they will be applied when the python server application is restarted, which might be a month from now.

Is this a safe thing to do ?

Also, is it safe to run:

systemctl daemon-reload

after modifying the service unit. Will this affect the running processes that this service spawned ?

I wasn’t able to find information about this in the man pages of systemd. Maybe I missed it, maybe it is safe, I don’t know.

OS: CentOS 7.6

My answer:

Nothing will happen to your running service unless you stop or restart it.

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