Installing MongoDB on RHEL 8 | AWS EC2 — Failed to synchronize cache

TT4M.C asked:

I am attempting to install MongoDB on my RedHat 8 | AWS EC2 instance …


name=MongoDB Repository

Then … yum repolist

MongoDB Repository                                                                                                                                                                 366  B/s | 390  B     00:01
Error: Failed to synchronize cache for repo 'mongodb-org-4.0'

Possibly RHEL 8 being a new release is causing issues?

My answer:

Many, many things built for RHEL also require EPEL, but EPEL 8 is not yet available.

One of those things is mock, a package which orchestrates building RPM packages for distribution, which is itself in EPEL, and which doesn’t yet have a usable configuration for RHEL 8.

It is probably going to be several months before this is resolved, and EPEL and mock are available. In the meantime you should deploy on RHEL 7.

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