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Big Data asked:

We have a CentOS 6.3 server where we have Installed VMware-Player-5.0.2 for linux 64 bit

When we try to run one of the “.vmx” Virtual machine file using the VMware player, we are getting the following error

Could not open /dev/vmmon: No such file or directory. Please make sure the kernel module ‘vmmon’ is loaded

What could be the reason? Could you people suggest us on how to start the VMware player to open the virtual machine


My answer:

The vmmon module provides the VMware hypervisor to the system. But it cannot load if another hypervisor is already loaded.

Usually this is KVM. Check to see if the modules kvm or kvm_intel or kvm_amd are loaded. If they are, you should stop any virtual machines, stop the libvirtd service, and then unload the modules.

It could also be VirtualBox if you had that installed. In this case, stop its virtual machines and services, and unload its modules.

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