How to find out registered domains from an IP?

Carles Alcolea asked:

This is one that I’ve never really known how to do, it’s been nagging me from time to time for years. I’ve read all I could find, including all the answers here. None of them gives a real answer to the question. So please read carefully before flagging a duplicate; it is not.

dig, host, nslookup… none of them seems to be able to get what I’m after.

At most I can get pointers like

But if I use this online tool, I get exactly what I’m looking for: every domain that resolves to the IP given (or a hostname). In this case, it’s a freemium service so it’ll only list the first few, but it works. In the following image, I use 3 domains that I own and serve from a VPS. They are totally unrelated, but they all appear here:

enter image description here

What black magic are they using? How can we replicate it?

My answer:

It’s brute force.

They have looked up the IP addresses of every domain name they can find, and then compiled the results into their own database.

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