Nginx load certificate files based on host

Jon Riel asked:

I want to serve the right ssl certificate based on the $host variable with an exception for any host being * or

The certificates fall in two groups:

  1. Local certificates: *
  2. External certificates:

It is important to know that and are set with CNAME to point to and, meaning they are being caught by the same server section that handles * but the value of $host stays or That means I’ve got to deal with this in one server {} block.

Based on that I want to have an if-statement that checks whether the $host variable is a subdomain of * or and load my certificate. If not, I want to check whether the certificate of a user exists in /etc/$host/certificate and load that.

I’m vaguely familiar with nginx and I’ve read of the dislike of if-statements and now I’m wondering what the best way would be to get this done. I’ve got a lot done and this last step is just what’s left.

My answer:

Hosts that are all served by the same server block should use the same certificate. Have your certificates reissued or create a duplicate server block.

Supposedly in nginx 1.16 it is possible to use a variable to specify the ssl certificate to use, but I have never found anyone who managed to make this work. In any event, you can only put the directive in the server block, it does not work inside if.

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