Should I use public IP or private IP for connecting servers within the same VPC?

Hooman Bahreini asked:

I have 2 Linux servers on AWS. Both servers are in the default vpc (aws default vpc). Both of these servers have their own Elastic IP. I also have a webServer which is inside the same vpc.

I want to run a replicated MySQL on these 2 servers, so one server would be master and the other slave.

I need to provide an ip address for each MySQL server, so in my.cnf, there is a setting: bind-address

Should I use the public or private IP for the bind-address or the private IP? (All the computers who need access to MySQL server are in the same vpc).

Note both servers are in the same Security Group and I have opened all the ports within the security group.

My answer:

You should use internal IP addresses for your instances to talk to each other. If you use their public or elastic IP addresses, you are charged for in-region network data transfer. There is no charge for using the private IP addresses.

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