Roundcube 1.3.8 + Memcached + PHP 7.3

Aaron A asked:

I’m testing out moving my Roundcube 1.3.8 install over to php 7.3. It’s load balanced and I have been using memcache for session storage with php 5 without any issues:
$config[‘session_storage’] = ‘memcache’;

// Use these hosts for accessing memcached
// Define any number of hosts in the form of hostname:port or unix:///path/to/socket.file
$config['memcache_hosts'] = array( 'server1:11211','server2:11211');

When I try out this same config on php 7.3.3 I get the following error:

[17-Mar-2019 19:11:16 +0000]: DB Error: Failed to connect to memcached. Please check configuration in /path/to/roundcube/program/lib/Roundcube/rcube_session_memcache.php on line 49 (GET /mail/)

I’ve been able to run a simple test script from php 7.3 to verify that memcache is indeed working.

Any suggestions why this won’t work with Roundcube 1.3.8?

My answer:

TL;DR: Switch to redis.

PHP 7 no longer supports php-memcache, and the project appears abandoned. Only php-memcached is supported. These are two different PHP APIs for using memcached. Roundcube hasn’t been updated to use the new API, and apparently never will. A few distros are maintaining a fork of the old API but yours probably isn’t one of them, and you should expect even that to go away eventually.

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