domain name system – rDNS is not exist

Robert Jones asked:

I need some help with Reverse DNS as I have got a problem with it. I have setup rDNS on my hosting provider which I use and I have a server hostname which it is I want to use both different name to get it separate because of the email providers that want to see both different names so my email would go to inbox.

When I open on the Email Deliverability software through in the cpanel, I can see this:

Can you please advice me with what I need to do?

How I can match with the rDNS?

Do I need to change the server hostname to match with the rDNS or what?

I want to use to send the email and I want to use to get access to whm and cpanel. I am not sure what I need to do so I need your help with this.

My answer:

You cannot set reverse DNS records yourself, even if you have a web hosting software that claims to provide the service. These can only be set by the owner of the IP addresses. You will need to contact your service provider for assistance with changing reverse DNS records.

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