Improving remote desktop within remote desktop experience

Peheje asked:

I work as a software-consultant. My current customer is located 3.5 hours away by train so I often work remotely from the local office of my company.

Acessing my customer’s systems is done through a “jump-host” which is a computer on their network I have been granted Remote Desktop access to, from there I can then remote desktop again into my development machine.

It works all-right, but far from “native”-experience, which I miss. Train rides do have internet, but often poor connection and speed.

Also switching between remote desktops from within the “jump-host” is a pain, as I’m just using Windows Remote Desktop client. It also uses other difficulties as using multiple monitors etc.

Does anyone have some ideas to improve the experience?

My answer:

There’s not a whole lot you can do to improve the RDP in RDP experience, especially on a low bandwidth high latency connection. But two things do come to mind:

  • Use PowerShell remoting, when possible. Text requires far less bandwidth than graphics and this is much better suited for high latency, low bandwidth connections than a full RDP experience.

  • The client should get rid of the jump host by using a proper VPN, IPv6, or both. This would eliminate the need to use RDP-in-RDP, not to mention improve the client’s own network significantly and probably solve a lot of other problems.

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