HP DL180 G6 Storage Edition (14x LFF) – Help Adding NIC ports

DaBuddha asked:

I have a whole bunch of these (18+) currently running. The DL180 G6 has 2x NIC ports both of which we are using, and one 16x PCI-e slot on a riser, in our case, occupied by a RAID card (mostly P410s).

This means all ports/slots for expansion are occupied. Dead stop.

We want to, with these machines, add two more NIC ports, HP or Intel, matters not. The ports are for LAN traffic.

Anyone have any ideas? Solved this for themselves? I thought that there was a compatible left hand DL380 riser card that did x16 PCIe to dual x8 PCIe – but no luck. Also looked at UIO cards, but power is an issue.

Consideration appreciated.

My answer:

You have the DL180 G6 with the 14-drive configuration, with the rear 2-drive option kit (488234-B21) installed.

This configuration is not compatible with the x8 riser kit (577668-B21) that gives you the extra PCIe slots, because it physically doesn’t fit in the server with the rear 2-drive kit installed.

Your only option is to remove the rear 2-drive bay kit (and of course the two drives) and install the x8 riser kit.

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