How to configure CentOS firewalld to allow quagga ospf messages

dcrearer asked:

I have a 4 node spine leaf topology with tow host connected. One host each connected to the leaves. Each host is also hosting quagga and capable of operating as a router.

On the (CentOS 7) host OSPF will not converge until I disable firewalld. The status below is present on the leaf.

Neighbor ID     Pri State           Dead Time Address         Interface            RXmtL RqstL DBsmL           1 Init/DROther      37.933s        swp3:            0     0     0

The host remains in the init state and only converges after disabling firewalld. I don’t want to stop firewalld; How can I configure firewalld to allow ospf messages?

My answer:

OSPF is IP protocol 89, so you need to allow this protocol:

firewall-cmd --add-protocol=ospf [--permanent] [--zone=whatever] 

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