How to mount an Azure File Share on macOS Sierra?

pookie asked:

I want to mount my File Share to a folder on my MBP called /Users/me/mount-folder. I’ve read the Windows documentation as well as the Linux documentation.

I’ve been, but I do not want to use the storage explorer (I need my Python scripts to access files on the File Share).

I’ve tried:

mount_smbfs -d 0777 -f 0777 //[storagename]:[key]@[storagename][sharedname]  [Mount point in Mac filesystem]

and I then get asked for a password, but I do not know what password it wants…
I did copy & paste my Azure file share key (exactly, including the ==), but it just tells me that the authentication has failed.

All the posts I’ve read seem to be old, from around 2015…

My answer:

This should work today, as Microsoft added support for mounting Azure file shares in macOS.

You do not need to provide the key in the mount_smbfs command, though. You’ll be prompted for it. You can save it in Keychain if you wish.

mount_smbfs -d 0777 -f 0777 //[storagename]@[storagename][sharedname]  [Mount point in Mac filesystem]

You can also mount a share via Finder; see Microsoft’s official documentation for more.

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