GSuite: "There should not be a mail exchanger set up on naked domain name"

Primož Kralj asked:

I checked my domain name with GSuite’s MX tool to find out why our email gets to Spam folders, and have resolved the main issues (SPF and DKIM entries were missing in our DNS settings). The last problem is this:

“There should not be a mail exchanger set up on naked domain name”

enter image description here

Previously there was an A entry pointing to mail server of our hosting in DNS settings and I have removed it (since we use Google’s mail servers anyways).

A few hours have passed, so maybe I just need to wait a bit longer, or should I do something else besides this?

My answer:

This warning is not about your DNS records, it’s about your server: The server to which the DNS address records for refers. They are saying that that server is running a mail server that answered port 25. There should be no mail server receiving mail on that server.

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