Bind – Resolve two domains with a single server

NeXorek asked:

I need a bit of help with BIND (Centos 7.5)
Bit of a back story:

We are running two domains on the network. One called and one called has devices with 192.168.100.x IP Addresses has devices with 10.1.100.x IP Addresses

My problem is that when I try to resolve a name from with just its short name it works fine, but when I try to do the same with it fails and I need to enter the full address for it to be resolved.

Is there any way of telling the DNS server that if the requested address cannot be found in to look in instead of timing out?

(Don’t ask me about why we have two domains, I would like to know too. It was done by the previous manager ;D)

Any help is highly appreciated! 🙂

My answer:

Using short names is bad practice and should be avoided. It’s best practice to always use fully qualified domain names. A whole lot of other stuff will break, either now or in the future, if you continue using short names. If possible, convert all your existing clients to use FQDNs.

That said, this isn’t a problem with the DNS server, but with the clients. They need to be configured explicitly to search multiple domain names. For instance, on Linux, you would change the search option in /etc/resolv.conf.


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