Errors on yum.cron.hourly.conf in new Centos install

Clyde asked:

I have a VPS with a fresh Centos 7 install, and am getting mail from Cron with these errors:

ConfigParser.MissingSectionHeaderError: File contains no section headers.
file: /etc/yum/yum-cron-hourly.conf, line: 1
'update_cmd = security\n'

The yum-cron-hourly.conf file looks like this:

update_cmd = security
update_messages = no
download_updates = no
apply_updates = no
random_sleep = 30
system_name = None
emit_via = stdio
output_width = 80
email_from = [email protected]
email_to = root
email_host = localhost
group_list = None
group_package_types = mandatory, default
debuglevel = -3
mdpolicy = group:main

So it seems yum-cron expects a section header at the start of the file. I have not touched this file – it is exactly as it was (I did not explicitly install yum-cron.)

Any ideas? Can I just add a header? Should I just disable yum-cron?

My answer:

Look at the same file on another unmodified CentOS 7 system. You will find that the missing section header is [commands].

You should also look into what (or more likely who) possibly modified the file.

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