Should a detached EBS volume keep charging monthly?

gustavovelascoh asked:

First of all, I’m not very used to AWS nor DevOps/admin stuff, but want to learn. So I set up an EC2 instance and attached an EBS volume (15 Gb) some months ago, for testing something during a few days.

Then I realize that the monthly charge was full (EC2 + EBS) because I left the instance active, so I detached the volume and stopped the instance and EC2 instance did not charge anymore.

But now, I see that EBS volume is still charging 1.5 USD/month, even when it is detached. Should I delete the volume to avoid any charge? or there is any sort of stop or disable for volumes?

My answer:

You’re always charged for EBS volumes because that data is occupying space on physical storage somewhere, even if it is not attached to a running instance.

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