Force nginx to always autoindex and ignore index.html files?

Maximillian Laumeister asked:

I am trying to get nginx to ignore index.html files and always show a directory listing from the autoindex module.

If I remove my index line, nginx still defaults to serving index.html files, so that is not a solution.

A similar question was asked on Stack Overflow, but I am looking for a solution that does not involve inventing a bogus file name, if such a solution exists (not to mention the thread is off topic there).

How can I change my index directive to tell nginx to never show index files?

My answer:

Instead of removing the index directive, you should set it to a name which is not reasonably expected to exist, so that it never matches any file.

For example:

index X6XewZMsmreGIxx1lCdp0Yo1X4qHTivW;

You may not like this solution. It is a little inelegant. But it works well and does exactly what you want, while nothing else does.

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