Install newer GLIBC than 2.18 on Centos 7.5

James Roeiter asked:

I was please wandering if it is possible to upgrade glibc version on centos 7.5 for a newer version than 2.18.
I am trying to install Dropbox which requires it – but the answer should either be specifically for Dropbox or generally.

My question is not regarding a containerized solution but of how to acctually upgrade my CentOS to run with a newer version if possible or how to install it in a different location and set any app or perhaps only dropbox app to use that location instead of the default if possible.

Thank you,


My answer:

glibc is the C standard library, which provides bindings to the most low-level operating system calls for virtually every program on your system. It is generally not possible to replace it without also recompiling every program on the system. Back in the late 1990s and early 2000s, some Linux distributions did experiment with upgrading glibc in place. The result was always broken, unbootable systems. So nobody tries that anymore. This is why you’ve been advised to containerize the application which requires a newer version of glibc. On that note, we’re all waiting impatiently for the long overdue RHEL 8….

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