Set of systemd services that require common initialization phase?

akavel asked:

In systemd, I need to setup some services, which depend on one common “initialization” service, that must finish before they are started. Also, I would like to ensure, that the worker services and the “initialization” service can never run simultaneously at any time:

    BOOT --.                     "restart svc" ---.
           V                                      V
svc-init   |-----|                                |---------|
svc-a            |--------------------------------|         |----- - - -
svc-b            |--------------------------------|         |----- - - -

I want to be sure that the services are “enabled” (run at system boot); also, I would like to be able to restart the whole thing manually at any time I need.

How can I do that?

I tried a setup with important fields like below:




…/svc-a.service, …/svc-b.service:




But when I try to run them, it fails to do what I want:

  1. sudo systemctl start svc-init
    • it correctly stops svc-a & svc-b
    • but it doesn’t start svc-a & svc-b again after svc-init is done
  2. sudo systemctl start svc-a
    • it doesn’t force svc-init to run beforehand
  3. sudo systemctl start svc-a svc-b svc-init
    • the effect seems the same as in (1) above (that is, ... start svc-init)
  4. sudo systemctl start svc-init svc-a svc-b
    • doesn’t run svc-init
    • prints: Job for svc-init.service canceled.

What are the magic systemd incantations to make the system behave as I need it to? Or should I structure the units differently, somehow?

My answer:

Assuming you can’t get rid of the scripts and have systemd do all the setup itself (which you almost certainly can, but whoever wrote the scripts might not know how; yell at the vendor/developer until they learn) I think you should be using only one unit file for this.

In a single unit file, you will run the init script in an ExecStartPre= option. The unit will fail to start if the program called here fails to exit successfully. For example, in [email protected]:

ExecStartPre=/opt/svc/ %I
ExecStart=/opt/svc/ %I


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